I'm back!!!

Well I had something come up that I really was not expecting...morning sickness, and it hit hard and long. Unfortunately I was just starting a huge {it probably seems bigger than it was because of the morning sickness} project for a friend. I didn't want to get out of bed or even eat because I knew how it was all going to end anyways.

Well I'm doing better now and I have finished her project {pictures to come} and am finally feeling up to creating projects again, especially ones for our little one coming in October.

To start off I want to share one of the simple projects I did. It is just a bracelet and earring set made with the birthstones of my husband, the baby in October and me. It was even easier to do because the 'pearl' beads came already assembled in a chain. I got the other two birthstones and attached them in between. Very simple but I love the way it turned out. Kind of like those big chunky cluster bracelets women are wearing these days but without having to be big and chunky.


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