Burp Cloths out of Cloth Diapers ~ Tutorial

These burp cloths are the best. Since they are made from cloth diapers they are SUPER absorbent. But carrying around a cloth diaper is not all that cute so we dress them up with a bit of fabric and ribbon.

What you need:
Cloth diapers
Fabric Scraps
Rotary Cutter and Board {or Scissors}
Sewing Machine

To add a little bit of style I round the corners using a plate or bowl. Just line it up where you want it and zip around the corner to trim.

Now add the ribbon. The center of the cloth diaper {the extra padding and stitch lines} are not always centered on the cloth diaper so simply use a clear ruler to help in drawing some straight and even lines as a guide for where the ribbon will be placed.

After I got the ribbon in place I folded the cloths in half and laid them on top of each other to make sure they were all lined up together and looking good.

When sewing the ribbons down I also like to use a contrasting color for the thread and use the serpentine stitch to add a little more design and character to the burp cloth.

Now add the binding around the burp cloth to give it a nice, fun and soft finish. You can find my tutorial for binding here.

And now they are done. As simple as that and a very absorbent burp cloth for all the messes the new little one can make.

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  1. I love the way you rounded the corners on these to give them a little extra personality! I was given a set of cloth diapers burp cloths when my son was born. While they were never big enough for the job (he was a big spitter), I always had one on hand when I changed his diaper to catch any accidents. I can attest that they are super-absorbent! They saved me from a sprinkling on several occasions! ;)

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