Weathering the Storm ~ Checklist

Since living in Connecticut we have gone without power more here, in 1 ½ years, than we have living anywhere else. I’m not sure I could call myself an expert just yet but we are getting pretty good at weathering the storm.

When we first moved to CT, before we even had a place to live, we were crashing in a friends basement and lost power that weekend. When Abigail was two weeks old we lost power for nine days from Hurricane Irene. Last fall we went without power again and this time, I would say, was the hardest. We were on well water so when the power went out the water stopped as well, the stove was electric as well and Abigail was a rambunctious one {1} year old.

Paul and I love to camp so we had a number of items already that could help in a power outage situation. So, now I am going to share with you my list of things to have ready and other things to prepare right before the storm. I have also included other tips, some that we thought up and acted on before the storm and some that we figured out the hard way. I'm sharing my list but I think I will keep to myself which ones were added after the storm. Wink, Wink!

Click here and download the files for yourself. I will be printing off my list and put it in my Moving Binder, that has now become our home binder since we have moved.

This is her third {3rd} once-in-a-lifetime/record breaking storm. She had no idea what to do with so much snow. The older kids in the neighborhood were in heaven ... once they could go outside and play in.

Here are some of my other binder printables

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Pipe Cleaner Toy

I love when the stuff that  i am going to buy already comes in containers that I can reuse. When we are done reusing it, into the garbage it goes. This is great because I am one of those that has a hard time paying for containers that don't last or that I know will be destroyed but little hands.

Today's reused packaging comes from ... the fridge! Originally I was going to do this project with a large juice jug and drill some holes in the lid but we finished off the Parmesan cheese first, and the lid works better too.

This little toy will be used to help with fine motor skills by placing the pipe cleaners into the holes of the lid. It can also help with counting and colors once she is old enough and talking!

Items needed:
Cleaned out jar
Pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Wire cutters

Place a little bit of glue in the groove and place one end of the pipe cleaner there.

Once that is set, wrap the pipe cleaner around the jar nice and tight. Put a bend in the pipe cleaner where it matches up with the beginning, this will 'mark' where you will cut the pipe cleaner.

Place another drop of glue and fasten the end. Be sure to pull it nice and snug. Repeat, and place pipe cleaners in all the grooves of the jar. Since the pipe cleaners are placed in the grooves you don't need to glue around the whole jar.

Cut a bunch of pipe cleaners in half so they can be placed inside.

Yea!! She likes it.


Valentine Chalkboard Printable

Here is my second attempt at making a chalkboard printable. I downloaded the chalkboard backgrounds from here. I put mine together in Photoshop but you can create it in Picasa just as well.
Simply open the chalkboard background in the color of your choice, then add your text on top. For Christmas I got a Samsung Note and absolutely love it. I wanted to have a bit of a hand drawn element to this one so I used the note to draw the heart. After a little bit of photoshop magic I was able to remove all the background and change the color to pink. If you would rather, you can download mine and print so you can add it to your own Valentine decor.
This is a 8.5"x11" so you can 'shrink to fit' if you are printing it to a smaller size. Enjoy!!



Conversation Heart Cell Phone Cover Tutorial

Aaahhhh!!! I am so excited. I have my first Guest Blogger Tutorial to share with you today.

Adiel from It's Because I think Too Much has done our tutorial for us. Adiel is a twenty-something woman originally from the Salt Lake City area of Utah. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009 for a job in social shopping--a perfect fit for such a social-media enthusiast and shopaholic!

She likes rings, pleats, polka dots, stripes, lace, mascara, and bright lip colors. She also loves to wear bold jewelry, pretty dresses, and sky-high heels. Quirky and whimsical accessories make her happy.

Materials Needed:
Old phone case
Acrylic paints in dove grey, pastel pink, pastel green, pastel yellow, and pastel purple
One sponge brush
At least two paint brushes in assorted sizes
Red letter stickers
Mod Podge Gloss

Step 1: Use the sponge brush to paint thin coats of dove grey all over the phone case. Let each coat dry before painting the next one. Continue until you reach the desired opacity. 

Step 2: Use the pink paint to paint a large heart in the center of the case. Using all pastel paints, randomly paint hearts all over the case. If you paint incomplete hearts along the edges, the effect will be better. 

Step 3: Use your stickers to apply your desired conversation heart phrase. I chose "Be Mine" but you can do any of the old standbys; "True Love" "Sweet Talk" "I'm Yours" etc...

Step 4: Use a large paint brush to coat the entire case with Mod Podge in two to three layers, letting each dry in between.

Voila! You've just made your own custom conversation heart case!



Creating a New Me ~ Supplements

This past month I have been doing better with my portions, it was a challenge to really stick with it..... 

My main problem is that I am busy during the day and don't usually take the time to eat a large breakfast so in the evening I am starving and that is when I usually eat my largest meal {at the end of the day when I am my least active.}

What's the text step? I have been thinking my next step will be finding supplements to help me. About 3 1/2 years ago I had an incident that required me to take iron and other supplements. Lately I have been feeling a bit sluggish, the same as then, so I'll go back on the iron pills. I know that there are other supplements I can be taking that will help me to increase my metabolism and help with my everyday health and wellness. If you have any suggestions on what to take, leave me a note, I would love to look into and see if it is right for me.


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