Thank You Notes

When we first moved to Connecticut we didn't know anyone or even know what we were getting ourselves into. We had so many people reach out to us and help with finding Dr.'s {our baby was due 6 weeks after moving here}, an apartment, and this being our first baby, everyone helped to make sure that we had what we would need for our little lady. Well, now that the school year is coming to an end we have decided to go to Utah for the summer for work and to spend time with family. Needless to say, I can't procrastinate sending out my 'Thank You' notes any longer.

I love how they turned out. Super simple but from the heart.

What you'll need: Card stock, cutter, photos, spray mount, white pencil.

I cut the card stock in to pieces a quarter inch bigger than the photos. In my photo editing program I added 'Thank You' to the photo of me and Lady A then just had it printed at a local photo print shop. Then I spay mounted the photos to the card stock and wrote a little note on the back using a white colored pencil.


Baby Blankets

I LOVE having tons of blankets around.

As I walked out to my living room the other day I suddenly realized how many blankets we have, and it is such an eclectic bunch. Blankets from far off places, ones that I have made for my husband and daughter and many more that others have made for us. I think giving someone a blanket is a wonderful way to say 'I Love You!' They are warm on a cold day, comforting when you need to curl up, perfect to take out side and lay on the lawn during a wonderful summer evening. We have them all over the house for whenever the moment calls for a nice cuddly blanket.

After seeing all the wonderful handmade blankets our little girl received from family I decided I wanted to help share that love that a handmade blanket can bring. Check out my ETSY store for the latest and great deals. Find that special blanket that says you love them.


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