Quick Fix ~ Heat Transfer

I have to admit, I have always been a bit timid to use no-sew permanent adhesive. Many years ago when I used it for other projects, the edges always seemed to lift and curl.

For baby showers, one of the items I love to give are hand made blankets. This cute one was meant for a friend when I noticed a little hole that would eventually fray and then be a perfect hole for a little girl to stick her finger in and tear it even bigger.

Here is my chance to get over my timidness about the heat bond.

 What you'll need:
No-sew Permanent Adhesive {I used Heat-n-Bond}
Extra Material
Iron & Ironing Board

Prep material as directed on package.

Cut a piece of patch material and adhesive.
*Tip: cut the adhesive piece just a bit smaller than the patch material so that as it is heated it will not stick to the ironing board.

Iron as directed on package.

Draw your desired shape and cute out the patch {mine was a heart}.

Proceed with adhering the patch as directed on package.

Pretty much, it was so super easy. I couldn't tell you what my hold up has been all this time. Simply didn't work years ago when I tried and so I have stayed away ever sense. Well, not any more!! This heat transfer material has opened up a whole world of possibilities for me. Yea!!

Keep Creating


Love Notes Picture Frame ~ Take Two

I love when I finish a project and get to share it with all of you. These frames turned out great and were so simple to put together.

Two more family wedding presents. I was holding out for the right frames and wouldn't you know that I found the perfect ones at Wal-mart for $3!

What you need:
Pattern Paper {card stock works great}
Spray Mount
X-acto knife and/or Scissors
Metal Ruler
Cutting Mat
Masking Tape
Dry Erase Marker

The frame advertises that it has spots for two 4"x6" photos, that's a lie, it is 3.5"x 5.5". I already had my 4x6 photo picked out and ready to go so I had to cut the opening a bit but no biggie.

Spray mount the front of the cardboard mat and place face down on the back side of your patterned paper.
{American Crafts - Take Note - Pink Pearl}
{American Crafts - Classic Calico - Frequency}

*Tip: I held the cardboard mat and patterned paper up to the window {kind of like a light box affect} and marked roughly where I wanted it to line up.

Cut off the excess around the cardboard mat and cut out the opening where you want the photo to go.

*Tip: On the wrong side I marked the four corners for the photo opening by making little cuts with the x-acto knife. Then on the right side I used the metal ruler as a guide to make a nice straight cut for the photo opening.

It looks a little low tech but I used masking tape to place the photos. This would hold it nice and tight and I wouldn't worry about a liquid glue warping the material as it soaked in. This will also allow the couples receiving these frames to change out the photos without worrying about ruining the cardboard mat.

They are done and wonderful! A good sign that they are perfect is when I want to keep them for myself instead of giving them away.

I used an image transfer technique that you can find here.

Go Create!!


Fit Friday ~ Keeping up with it All

This week I have been working on doing all those things I have set out to do over the past few months: drinking more water, getting out for walks more often, more sleep etc.

I have been getting headaches lately and been super tired {usually taking a nap the whenever Lady A took one} so I went in for a physical. Secretly, I was thinking if there were something in my blood work it would be the kick I need to do some more intense workouts. Well, it was all normal. I was in the middle all across the board. So I guess I will continue going to bed earlier since that is the only thing that has helped to keep the headaches from coming on.

I still think that the best thing I have done so far is drinking more water. It is simply amazing how much this can affect your body, weight, skin, health and so much more. I highly recommend that if you are looking to feel better, this is a good place to start.



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