About Me

The Interior Design program I attended at school had a seminar class that we had to attend. The class is only eight weeks out of the semester and one day a week. We will have designers from all around come in and present to us and we even bring in a big name once a semester or so, like Karim RashidJamie Drake and Vicente Wolf. They usually give us a project to work on and when they get here we present to them and have them critique the projects. But I'm getting ahead of myself. One time we had the guy who is a local artist that came to talk to us. I do not remember his name but he used to work for Hallmark and now does freelance. He was really great to listen to but the thing he said that stuck with me was "create something everyday."No matter the size of it, big or small, but just to create and not ever loose that. It was getting close to the end of his work day and he hadn't created anything yet and so he bent over and pulled a carpet tile up from the floor, rolled some paint on it and stamped it onto a sheet of paper. With the dried pattern of glue on the back of the carpet tile it made a unique pattern. He said it took him less then five minutes but it is one of the most used backgrounds by Hallmark.


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