Bentley Photo Collage - Digital Letter Template - Stationary - Printing Available

This is a great way to share with your family and friends what you have been up to in the last year, to put together a collage of pictures! Look at the options and notice that there is one little difference - option 2 has a card stock texture. With customizable color and text you can truly make it your own. All you do is print the PDF then type your letter on your families personal stationary.

With the purchase of this listing, you will receive the high quality digital PDF file that you can print yourself. As well as Word Doc with margins already set. You just enter your text and print.


Digital Christmas

I love the idea of putting a collage of pictures together in one card - to show what has been going on over the last year. This one is of me, my husband and our new addition, Bentley. The pictures can be cropped or squares can be changed to fit the photos. Another thing I like is when the cards are more of a unique size. This one is 6x7, a size that is not used as much as a 5x7 or 4x6. One of the other things that is great about having a personalized digital card is that for those who would want to, you can just e-mail the cards if running short on time or for those who would prefer e-mails. But they can also be printed off at your own convenience and for a lower cost.



Contemporary Christmas Dots

Contemporary Christmas Dots - Digital File Only - English - Portuguese - Printing Available

Looking for a fun card to wish your family and friends a Merry Christmas? These two are both great options. With customizable color and text you can truly make it your own. You can choose to add text make it a Christmas party invitation.

The card measures 4x8 inches but can be formatted to a 4x6 or 5x7 size.

On this design, the following customization options are available:
-I can change your photo to black/white or sepia
-Font color
-If you would like to add extra text above "Merry Christmas" please e-mail that along with your photo at time of purchase.

If you like my style, but don't see what you are looking for contact me! I love custom orders!


Baby Bracelets

I love doing so many different things. Over the summer, within two weeks, we had two nieces born into the family, one on my side and one on my husbands side. Every time we go down to see the family I try to hold the two girls as much as possible. With my other niece, we like to get together and make jewelry, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at making a baby bracelet. It was a bit different than just making my own. Babies like to pull at things and put tiny things in their mouths, so the bracelet needed to be made out of wire and have a clasp on it that they would not be able to pull apart. But then babies grow so fast, I did not want to make her something that she would only be able to wear for a couple of months then have it thrown away or sit in a box of things that she could not wear anymore. To solve this I added a little chain where the clasp hooks onto. I fit it on my 8 year old niece so I know it will fit the baby for some time. Each bracelet actually has three bracelets on it.

She's a wiggly little one so the photos are not the best but I think they show off the bracelets pretty well. The first photo shows how much she liked them....ummm tasty!!

For a first attempt I think they turned out pretty well.
If you have any ideas please share!!!

Circle Recipe Cards

I like to share recipes that my husband and I really like on my personal blog. So I make up recipe cards that people can print off. I thought I would share with you as well, if you would like blank ones let me know. I would be happy to make them up for you.



Cards for Cambry

Our Niece, Cambry, had some pictures taken and I decided that I asked her mom if I could use some of those pictures to design some cards. Cambry is such a cute little girl with some amazing blue eyes. Her mom favorite card is the pink polka dot one shown first, mine is the blue framed one, and I made extras just for fun. All the colors used in the cards were taken directly from the pictures of Cambry to make sure that the designed flowed.



Spiral Two Toned Beanie - Child Teen Adult

Spiral Two Toned Beanie - Child Teen Adult

These beanies have been fun to make. There were two different patterns that I liked so I decided to pick the parts I wanted and put them together. They fit child, teen and adult. I love how they fit me and a younger girl (maybe elementary / Jr. High age) purchased one the other day, it fit her just a little big so it covered her whole head and her hair flipped out from under it. She loved it.

The last photo shows some of the available colors. If you have specific colors in mind but do not see them here convo me.

100% Acrylic - they don’t shrink, won't itch.
CARE: Machine wash, warm gentle cycle. Machine dry, low heat, delicate cycle.
0-3 months fits heads up to 14"
3-6 months = 15"-16"
6-12 months = 16"-17.5"
12-24 months = 17.5"-18.5"
2T-4T years = 18.5"-19.5"
5T-preteen years = 19.5" to 20.5"
Teens = 20.5"-22"
Adult = 22"-24"
~Larger adult sizes are available upon request
~Sizes in inches are approximate and will usually stretch larger

Color chart coming soon to help you pick your own custom color combination.

Note: Colors may vary slightly from picture due to current yarn dye lots and computer monitor projections.


Any Season Crackle Paint - Ribbon 8x8 Frames

I am finally getting these up after the H.O.P.E. Festival. There were a couple of people who wanted them but had class, needed to get more cash or for other reasons were not able to purchase before I left so now they are up to purchase.

These frames took a bit of time to make but I could not be more please about how they turned out. The wooden frame has been stained so where the paint has cracked it provides the dark background. The ribbon has been woven into the frame to provide more of an accent. The frame is self standing, can be placed in picture stand or, if the ribbon is extra long, can be hung. By simply changing the color of the ribbon the frame can fit any season or occasion.

Frame measures 8x8 inches and has a 3.5x3.5 inch photo opening.

Listing includes one frame and red ribbon already weaved into frame.

I love to make wall pieces in triplicates. This way they can be sure to match and makes a full set. If you would like to purchase all three, convo me at my etsy shop and I will set up a custom order of you.


Thankgiving Cards

This is a card of my wonderful niece and nephew. When I was doing graduation pictures they came along and we got some pictures of them so we could surprise their mom.



New Digital Cards

It's been a long time coming to post these. Things have gotten a bit crazy around here. I spent about a week getting ready for and then attended the H.O.P.E Festival last Wednesday. On Halloween I ended up in the ER needing a surgery (at 10 p.m.). Needless to say it has been a long couple of weeks.

I made these cards for my cousins son. He was actually having an baptism on Halloween so they wanted something festive but not too much so. The information is easily changeable so I came up with a Halloween Party Invite. Adding a card for directions is always a good way to make sure everyone knows where to go.


Somthing to do with old shirts

As I was wondering around the Internet I came across this fun little tutorial on how to do Restyled Shrugs from old shirts. I'm excited to try it but think I might go to a thrift store and get a shirt to try it on before I use one of my own. If anyone does this let me know how it turns out. I'm interested to know how it goes.


H.O.P.E. Festival Fundraiser

On Wednesday I was able to participate in the first annual H.O.P.E. festival . It was a fundraiser for CAPSA and 25% of whatever the vendors sold was donated. My friend and I set up a little booth with some of the different projects we have done over the summer.

I learned how to crochet once, a long time ago (just very simple stuff), and over the summer I decided to take it back up. There were a couple of beanie styles that I really liked, so I took bits and pieces of them and made my own. They were a hit at the Festival - I could not be more excited.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to support me and a wonderful cause to help raise money for CAPSA. There are a few items left and over the weekend I will be putting them online - AlwaysBeCreating.Etsy.com. If there are certain colors that you want let me know and would be happy to make you a beanie/scarf.

~Keep Creating


Crafts for the kids

A couple of weekends ago my niece and nephew came up to stay with us for a couple of days. Whenever they come up here I always try to come up with a craft to make with them. Over the years I have collected quit an assortment of craft goodies, they are from school, old hobbies, new hobbies, all sorts of stuff. The craft has to be something that is easy enough for them to do and something that won't just end up on the floor or become clutter once they get it home. Lately I have been doing things with them that we can hang on the walls. This time we made a little wall hanging, or it could be place on a wall shelf. They wanted to remember the fall colors so this is what we came up with.

We just used some extra pieces of plexi glass and spray painted a frame on them. Then we took dried, flattened leaves and spay mounted them to the back side of the glass. After everything had time to dry we put clear transparency on the back to hold everything in place. It also gave to glass a more foggy look.

I'm happy to say that both of them loved their little project. I was pretty please about how they turned out too.


Fun Frames

I made these frames a while ago but never got around to posting about them. The idea came from a sister-in-law who has done similar things for gifts and to frames in her house. They were fun to make and a bit different from the other things I've done so far. I love to make wall art pieces in triplicates.






Printable Planner

While in school I came up with a planner that I could use in my binders. It needed to be something that could be printed off whenever needed. This has plenty of room to write notes, grocery lists and sketch while waiting for the time to pass. ENJOY!!!!!

What a difference a planner can make!!! – Let me help you get organized.

This PDF contains all of you need to print and make your very own customized calendar and planner, including these 5 page designs:
Monthly Calendar
Weekly Calendar

The page designs are very flexible, you put in the dates for any month and year. The perfect calendar, it can be printed off year after year and whenever you may need another sheet. A helpful gift to purchase this for your college student, I can even send it directly to them. The weekly page is great to write in the semester’s schedule.

You will have;
Letter Size – Print it, punch it and place in a 3-ring binder! Great for school binders.
Half Size – This is half the size of the letter pages, just as easy to use. With these ones I print about four months at a time to keep in my bag.

If you don't want to deal with printing and binding let me, convo me at my Etsy shop. I will do all the work and set up a reserved listing for you. Just let me know what size, color and number of months to be included.

Have fun Creating!!



Looking for a fun way to jazz up your fridge? Mini-magnets are the perfect way to add color and fun to the fridge. They are great to use to keep the monthly calender up or for your kids to put their latest school/art work up for everyone to see.

The listing is for all 10 magnets shown.

I have always thought these home made magnets are so much fun. It is a great way to use the left over paper from scrapbooking and add some life to a message board or fridge. There are also the larger ones that I have used to put pictures behind. This a great way to use school pictures and keep them up without cluttering up. If you would like me to put personal pictures on magnets convo me at my ETSY shop and I would be happy to do that for you.

Have fun creating!!!!!!!


New Hobby

I was looking through some pictures of a friend and saw a really cute crocheted hat. I have not been able to find a job and the ones that are available my doctor told me I can't take since I would spend most of the time standing, I have recently had surgery on my foot. To help me fill my time I asked my friend for the pattern to her hat but there was no way I was going to be able to figure it out. The most I have done is really simple scarves with the basic stitch. So I sent the pattern to my Aunt to try and help me figure it out. That night, Friday, I decided that I should try to figure out some of the basics so that when I saw my Aunt on Sunday I would be able to better understand what she was talking about. From a website of free crochet patterns I found a beanie that looked pretty easy (the stripped one). A friend came over and we sat in front of the computer looking up stitches on YouTube to figure it out and by the time she left we both had a beanie. I made two more that weekend, but took one of them apart because I didn't like the way it turned out.

When I saw my Aunt last Sunday she showed me how to do the spiral using the front post stitch. Then I made the pink/brown beanie with the spiral using the basic pattern from the brown one but just changed it up a little bit. It has been really fun to figure this out and see the beanies take shape. Now I will need to make them every so often just so I do not forget everything I have learned.


Dishwasher Tag

Earlier in the year we were told that our rent would raise starting with April. Since we know we will be here for a while yet we decided to sign another contract to keep our rent from going up too much. After we did the math it was still cheaper to stay in our place instead of finding a new one and needing to pay for a new deposit. During the end of the semester there was not a whole lot of time for large meals or the time to do tons of dishes. During the last while that we have been here without a contract I haven't wanted to call in anything unless I really needed to in case it would remind the landlords that we are here paying such a low rent compared to everyone. Now that we are in a new contract and they cannot raise the rent on us, believe that we are calling in on everything. To do my part to help out with the dishes I finally called in and told the property manager that our dishwasher has never worked, it just heats up the food and dries it onto the dishes, so we would like to get it checked out. The short end of it is we did not get the old one fixed, we got a new one.

It took us about a week to finally use enough dishes to fill it up and make it worth running. It worked so great. One night I turned it on to let it run. In the morning after breakfast Paul put our dishes in and turned it on again, so the dishes were washed twice. Once while we were over at my brother and sister-in-laws house I saw what they had on their dishwasher to keep them from washing the dishes twice or putting dirty dishes in on top of clean ones. To help us from repeating the same problem I decided to make my own version.

I have decided to sell them too, so if you would like one I am selling them for $7.
The tag and four large magnets is $10.

Custom colors are available. Leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you. The sentiment can be customized as well.



One of the goals I have for this summer, now that I am done with school, is to become more organized. I have so much STUFF that I had at the school and now need to find a place for it at home. Our place could also use some help. During the last semester with finals, graduation, and my senior project I kind of let our place go a bit. To get started I made a something for the bathroom counter to help clean it up. Let me know what you think. It is really simple but will do the job for now.


The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Paul took the picture of the temple one morning as the sun was coming up and before the lights were turned off, overlaid with The Family: A Proclamation to the World. I got the idea for this image from a wedding present a friend gave me. Anyways, here it is. Let me know what you think.

I have this as an 11x14 and 8.5x13. If you need it a different size let me know and I would be happy to do that for you. To save in shipping cost I can submit it on-line to any place you would like to have it printed. If you would like it printed and sent to you leave a comment and we will get in touch.

Do to the differences in computer monitors and printer settings colors may vary.


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