Contemporary Christmas Dots

Contemporary Christmas Dots - Digital File Only - English - Portuguese - Printing Available

Looking for a fun card to wish your family and friends a Merry Christmas? These two are both great options. With customizable color and text you can truly make it your own. You can choose to add text make it a Christmas party invitation.

The card measures 4x8 inches but can be formatted to a 4x6 or 5x7 size.

On this design, the following customization options are available:
-I can change your photo to black/white or sepia
-Font color
-If you would like to add extra text above "Merry Christmas" please e-mail that along with your photo at time of purchase.

If you like my style, but don't see what you are looking for contact me! I love custom orders!


Baby Bracelets

I love doing so many different things. Over the summer, within two weeks, we had two nieces born into the family, one on my side and one on my husbands side. Every time we go down to see the family I try to hold the two girls as much as possible. With my other niece, we like to get together and make jewelry, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at making a baby bracelet. It was a bit different than just making my own. Babies like to pull at things and put tiny things in their mouths, so the bracelet needed to be made out of wire and have a clasp on it that they would not be able to pull apart. But then babies grow so fast, I did not want to make her something that she would only be able to wear for a couple of months then have it thrown away or sit in a box of things that she could not wear anymore. To solve this I added a little chain where the clasp hooks onto. I fit it on my 8 year old niece so I know it will fit the baby for some time. Each bracelet actually has three bracelets on it.

She's a wiggly little one so the photos are not the best but I think they show off the bracelets pretty well. The first photo shows how much she liked them....ummm tasty!!

For a first attempt I think they turned out pretty well.
If you have any ideas please share!!!

Circle Recipe Cards

I like to share recipes that my husband and I really like on my personal blog. So I make up recipe cards that people can print off. I thought I would share with you as well, if you would like blank ones let me know. I would be happy to make them up for you.



Cards for Cambry

Our Niece, Cambry, had some pictures taken and I decided that I asked her mom if I could use some of those pictures to design some cards. Cambry is such a cute little girl with some amazing blue eyes. Her mom favorite card is the pink polka dot one shown first, mine is the blue framed one, and I made extras just for fun. All the colors used in the cards were taken directly from the pictures of Cambry to make sure that the designed flowed.



Spiral Two Toned Beanie - Child Teen Adult

Spiral Two Toned Beanie - Child Teen Adult

These beanies have been fun to make. There were two different patterns that I liked so I decided to pick the parts I wanted and put them together. They fit child, teen and adult. I love how they fit me and a younger girl (maybe elementary / Jr. High age) purchased one the other day, it fit her just a little big so it covered her whole head and her hair flipped out from under it. She loved it.

The last photo shows some of the available colors. If you have specific colors in mind but do not see them here convo me.

100% Acrylic - they don’t shrink, won't itch.
CARE: Machine wash, warm gentle cycle. Machine dry, low heat, delicate cycle.
0-3 months fits heads up to 14"
3-6 months = 15"-16"
6-12 months = 16"-17.5"
12-24 months = 17.5"-18.5"
2T-4T years = 18.5"-19.5"
5T-preteen years = 19.5" to 20.5"
Teens = 20.5"-22"
Adult = 22"-24"
~Larger adult sizes are available upon request
~Sizes in inches are approximate and will usually stretch larger

Color chart coming soon to help you pick your own custom color combination.

Note: Colors may vary slightly from picture due to current yarn dye lots and computer monitor projections.


Any Season Crackle Paint - Ribbon 8x8 Frames

I am finally getting these up after the H.O.P.E. Festival. There were a couple of people who wanted them but had class, needed to get more cash or for other reasons were not able to purchase before I left so now they are up to purchase.

These frames took a bit of time to make but I could not be more please about how they turned out. The wooden frame has been stained so where the paint has cracked it provides the dark background. The ribbon has been woven into the frame to provide more of an accent. The frame is self standing, can be placed in picture stand or, if the ribbon is extra long, can be hung. By simply changing the color of the ribbon the frame can fit any season or occasion.

Frame measures 8x8 inches and has a 3.5x3.5 inch photo opening.

Listing includes one frame and red ribbon already weaved into frame.

I love to make wall pieces in triplicates. This way they can be sure to match and makes a full set. If you would like to purchase all three, convo me at my etsy shop and I will set up a custom order of you.


Thankgiving Cards

This is a card of my wonderful niece and nephew. When I was doing graduation pictures they came along and we got some pictures of them so we could surprise their mom.



New Digital Cards

It's been a long time coming to post these. Things have gotten a bit crazy around here. I spent about a week getting ready for and then attended the H.O.P.E Festival last Wednesday. On Halloween I ended up in the ER needing a surgery (at 10 p.m.). Needless to say it has been a long couple of weeks.

I made these cards for my cousins son. He was actually having an baptism on Halloween so they wanted something festive but not too much so. The information is easily changeable so I came up with a Halloween Party Invite. Adding a card for directions is always a good way to make sure everyone knows where to go.


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