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I created some simple order forms to take with me when I go to the HOPE Festival on Oct. 27th. To help keep everything together I wanted to put it all together in a notepad but I didn't want to pay for something so simple that I was sure I could do myself. So here it is - so simple and would be a fun craft to do with your kids {my niece and nephew}.

You'll need: paper, stamp and ink set, cutter of some sort, glue and some REALLY heavy books.

First you will need to create you design. I used a computer program since I was making order forms but this would be great to use stamps. Just get your favorite set and some varying ink pads. I printed mine first and added a guideline to the first page to help me cute in the right spot. If you are using stamps it might be easier to cut your paper to the desired size for the notepad.

After you have you notepad papers cut with their designs on them you are going to line them up. Make sure the edges that you want the glue to be on {in my case the top} is lined up as straight and flat as possible. Then you'll take your heavy books and place as close to the edge to be glued. This helps keep the notepad tight and keeps the glue from seeping into the separate sheets.
*Note with my books the binding edges didn't really lay flat on my papers so I turned them so the straight edge of the cover was right up to the edge.

Next, use the sponge to add the glue to the top of the flattened notepad papers. You can use your fingers or whatever else you might have around, this was just the easiest for me. After adding the first coat let it dry and add a second coat. My layers were pretty thick so I only needed 2 layers but add more if you think it's too thin.

Tada: your own personal notepad. If you are wanting more than one pad, stack up the paper in one pile. After the glue binding is completely dry, divide your notepad and just pull apart.

If you work on this tutorial I would love to see what you came up with!!

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