11 Advent Calendars that can be Made Up in A Night

Ok, I am a bit late to the party so I need a quick, easy advent calendar that I can make up in an evening. The girls are still really young so we need something simple, not too flashy, or they will just want to do it all in one day.

On my quest to start our own family traditions and find some ideas for simple advent calendars, I put together a quick list with some of the ones I found.

Now, keep in mind that a few of these could look pretty involved BUT if you tweak them a little, and put your own spin on them you could get fun and simple all in one. That is the best part of doing a project yourself, making it your own!

Kraft Paper
Sewn Treat Bags by PeppermintPlum

Another Kraft Paper calendar by CanadianLiving

How many toilet paper rolls do you have on hand?
{You could also use cardstock to roll up and make some tubes}

Pick and Choose by MessForLess

I love the simplicity with the presentation of this one by MaileBelles
You could make it even easier by placing hand written cards in the envelopes

Christmas Story Printable by RedBird-Blue

Wall Chart by ThePaintedHive

I haven't ever seen anyone else use acetone to transfer an image before but I can tell you it really does work
Here is the process.
Here is my project.

Vintage Advent Calendar by EllaClaireInspired
This one would be really cute even without the embellishments

I hope you found something to inspire you. Remember, it doesn't have to be elaborate to be fun. Just make it your own!

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