Great Job Paul...Much Ado About Awesome Lighting

This is Paul's final semester to finish up Grad School at the University of Connecticut. It is a bit of a bitter sweet moment. We have been in school since we got married and have really enjoyed having long breaks for Christmas and being able to travel for the summers. At the same time we are so excited to be moving on to the next chapter. With Lady El here and after so many years of living on the bare minimum, moving around so often, we are really looking forward to setting down roots and moving on to the next big thing.

This post is going to be a bit different.....it's all about Paul and his designing talent. Last month his final show and thesis project opened, Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing.' Thought the whole process he talked about how much fun it was to work with Paul?????, the director. They also had a great crew of Grad students doing the designs for the show.

Director: Paul Mullins
Scenic: Joe Keener III
Lighting: Paul Yeates
Costumes: Tiffany Deligatti
Sound: Michael Fryer

During this past fall semester Paul taught an undergrad class about intro to lighting and sound. As we left the theatre after the opening performance a lot of his students were out in the hall. I over heard one of them tell Paul, "That was Much Ado About Awesome Lighting." I could not agree more. There were so many different moods, scenes at different times of day and even different weather settings. Paul pulled them all off wonderfully.

He asked Mark Stanley, the Lighting professor at Boston University and Lighting Designer for the New York City Ballet, to come and adjudicate his design {basically someone who comes to nit pick apart one aspect of the show, in this case, Paul's lighting}. He loved the show! While he had one or two suggestions to Paul about different things he only had great stuff to say about the show and Paul's design. It seems that the favorite part for everyone was the how he was able to pull off the cloud designs on the back drop.

A couple weekends ago at The Hemsley Review in NY Paul had the opportunity to meet Broadway designers and other big names in Lighting design. They were all interested in his designs and of course it did not hurt to have Mark, who coordinates this huge event, talking it up to everyone since he came and saw it.

These have been a few of my favorite shots from the show. To check out all the photos find them on Paul's website here.

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