Valentine Garland or Photo Back Drop

Were you wondering what I did with those hearts from my previous tutorial on how to bring a cut file from Adobe Illustrator into Silhouette Studio {without having to pay for the software}?

Well today is your lucky day!

There isn't a mantel here and I'm pretty sure we will be moving this summer, either somewhere else in town or someplace new all together, depending on Paul's job. As a result I have not been too enthused to put all our photos and frames up, or our shelves.

So this simple, vertical garland, was a great way to add a little something for our Valentine Decor, is super easy and cheap.

Cardstock to fit the size of your cutting machine {color(s) are up to you}

Floss Thread
Cut File {or Printable Pattern if you are going to cut them out by hand}

Silhouette Electric Cutter {or Exacto}


I am sure there doesn't really need to be instructions here but I'll list a simple step by step so I can share a tip or two.

Download the cut file and cut out the amount of hearts you need. 

By Hand: Print out PDF on the back side of the card stock, use the draft setting on your printer, this way if any lines still show they will be on the back of the heart. Use Exacto knife if you want the 3D hearts to flap open.

TIP: I cut out extra of both styles and colors because I was not entirely sure of the pattern I was going to put on the wall and did not want to have to go back and cut more. Just take any extra and use them to add love notes around the house for each other or place them on your childs bedroom door because they love stuff like that and will know you love them.

Decide on how far apart you want your vertical garlands {mine are 9" apart}. Use a small piece of clear tape to anchor the top and bottom of the floss. 
TIP: Just in case, I tied a knot at the top of the floss to keep it from sliding out of the tape.

Pull the floss snug but not tight, you don't want to pull it out from the tape at the top, and tape the end down.

Create a pattern or place hearts randomly along the floss on the wall {mine are about 17" apart as they go vertically up the wall}. Just roll a piece of tape and stick the heart to the wall and floss. I didn't end up using any 3D gold hearts but the red ones I have up turned out great.

BAM!!! Heart Attack Vertical Garland or Photo Back Drop

I would love to hear from you and see your projects. Leave a comment or #AlwaysCreate on your photos in Instagram. Find me on Instagram {@AlwaysCreate} and follow along for behind the scenes and fun little extras.

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