Dishwasher Tag

Earlier in the year we were told that our rent would raise starting with April. Since we know we will be here for a while yet we decided to sign another contract to keep our rent from going up too much. After we did the math it was still cheaper to stay in our place instead of finding a new one and needing to pay for a new deposit. During the end of the semester there was not a whole lot of time for large meals or the time to do tons of dishes. During the last while that we have been here without a contract I haven't wanted to call in anything unless I really needed to in case it would remind the landlords that we are here paying such a low rent compared to everyone. Now that we are in a new contract and they cannot raise the rent on us, believe that we are calling in on everything. To do my part to help out with the dishes I finally called in and told the property manager that our dishwasher has never worked, it just heats up the food and dries it onto the dishes, so we would like to get it checked out. The short end of it is we did not get the old one fixed, we got a new one.

It took us about a week to finally use enough dishes to fill it up and make it worth running. It worked so great. One night I turned it on to let it run. In the morning after breakfast Paul put our dishes in and turned it on again, so the dishes were washed twice. Once while we were over at my brother and sister-in-laws house I saw what they had on their dishwasher to keep them from washing the dishes twice or putting dirty dishes in on top of clean ones. To help us from repeating the same problem I decided to make my own version.

I have decided to sell them too, so if you would like one I am selling them for $7.
The tag and four large magnets is $10.

Custom colors are available. Leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you. The sentiment can be customized as well.

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