Baby Bracelets

I love doing so many different things. Over the summer, within two weeks, we had two nieces born into the family, one on my side and one on my husbands side. Every time we go down to see the family I try to hold the two girls as much as possible. With my other niece, we like to get together and make jewelry, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at making a baby bracelet. It was a bit different than just making my own. Babies like to pull at things and put tiny things in their mouths, so the bracelet needed to be made out of wire and have a clasp on it that they would not be able to pull apart. But then babies grow so fast, I did not want to make her something that she would only be able to wear for a couple of months then have it thrown away or sit in a box of things that she could not wear anymore. To solve this I added a little chain where the clasp hooks onto. I fit it on my 8 year old niece so I know it will fit the baby for some time. Each bracelet actually has three bracelets on it.

She's a wiggly little one so the photos are not the best but I think they show off the bracelets pretty well. The first photo shows how much she liked them....ummm tasty!!

For a first attempt I think they turned out pretty well.
If you have any ideas please share!!!

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