Rag Flip Flops

Girls Camp is a time when the Young Women in a ward get together, with the leaders, and do a summer camp. It has always been one of my most favorite activities. The memories from my camps when I was in Young Women's have stayed with me. I love singing around the camp fire, hiking, being in nature and the crafts/activities that our leaders had for us were always great.

This year, being camp director, my goal was to make sure that everything we give the girls will be things that they can continue to use once they are back from camp. These things will be a subtle reminder of their time at camp, the Spirit they felt there and the memories they made. We also asked the girls what things they would like to do {and would like NOT to do}. It was mentioned that they wanted to do rag flip flops.

Me, myself and I have never made them but I could not imagine that it would be too hard. I called up my cousin {she is a sewing/quilting machine} and we talked about how I could go about it.

Here it is......

Find any scrap material you have lying around or get a couple of quarter squares from your local fabric store. The scrap will need to be made into 1"x8" pieces. You will also need scissors, a ruler and a pair of flip flops.

1st Step: I took all my material and cut them into 8" lengths.

2nd Step:
Then at the top of each I cut in about a 1/2". Then I tore the fabric where I had cut it. There you have it, a huge pile of 1"x8" scraps. Each flip flop took 29 strips. Depending on the length of the straps on your own flip flops ~ you may need more or less. Make sure to tare enough strips!

3rd Step:
I went down the strap and tied all the fabric strips in double knots. I'm sure you could do a single but I felt the double knot would hold better and it made the ends just a bit shorter instead of having so much fabric hang off.

There you have it. Camp Flip Flops!!!

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