Our New Valentine Tradition

Paul is in the theatre department as a grad student and has a show that opens up next week, which means for the next two weeks we will hardly see him. So Valentine dinner was moved to the following week at lunch time and we decorated cookies instead of making a big fancy meal.Now that we have finally had our Valentine lunch I can share it with you all.

"I Love You Because..." I love this saying for so many reasons. It causes people to think about why they love someone, suddenly the word 'Love' can not be thrown around but causes you to think about what you 'Love' about the other person.....and it is always nice to hear what it is about you that your partner loves.

Here is our little lunch time Valentine bar.
The wall of mismatch picture frames with photos from while we were dating, anniversary trips, family, holidays and other meaningful events {we share this wall with our neighbors and their staircase is on this wall, the picture frames are constantly crooked, it drives me crazy.} My new sign along with our garland to hang our hearts on. And of course, a bunch of sweet treats. Paul wanted chocolate covered strawberries but it seems everywhere stops selling them the day after Valentines, so I got him his next favorite, raspberry fill donuts.

For our new Valentine tradition I made the burlap sign and cut out some hearts. While Lady A played in the sprinkles and we decorated cookies, trying to keep her out of the frosting, we also wrote on the hearts what it is about the other, or our little girl, that we love. Then I bound them together for a little keepsake that will become part of our Valentine Decor over the coming years. When Lady A and Lady #2 are old enough they will join in the fun too and can look back at what mom and dad wrote about why we love them so much.

The tutorial for the burlap sign can be found here.


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