Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers

After a Dr. visit the other day it is clear that this baby is not coming soon and we will probably have to wait another week or longer. NOT the news I wanted to get!

So I need something to get my mind off of the pain my body is in. There is a community Easter Egg Hunt this weekend and they are wanting some goodies to hand out. I am making cupcakes and going to use the same Bunny Ears printable from my Some Bunny Loves You ~ Easter Thank Yous as a template for cupcake toppers.

Update: I created another printable so you can do ears that over lap or are separate.

What you need:
Candy Melts
Squeeze Bottles
Printable {ears together or ears apart}
Shortening / Coconut Oil {optional}
Wax Paper
Cupcakes, frosted and ready to decorate

I have tried to melt these before with little success, they usually would dry out and seem to burn instead, both in the microwave or using a double boiler system. After some thought and searching around on the Internet I decided the Candy Melts needed a little something to help keep them creamy and soft as they were microwaved, hence, the shortening or coconut oil.

Tape down the printable of the ears and tape wax paper over it {wax side up}. If you are doing more than one sheet of ears I would suggest printing out as many copies as you need, it makes it easier than having to stop and move everything to place another sheet of wax paper. You are also working against the clock and don't want the candy melts to start to solidify in the squeeze bottle.

I used about half the bag of candy melts and made four dozen ears {barely}.

Place the candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for a minute {the instructions on the bag suggest using 50% power, I used my normal power setting}. After the first minute add between 1/4-1/2 TBS of shortening and stir in with the candy melts. Microwave 30 seconds at a time and be sure to stir in between every 30 second burst. Spoon the liquid candy melts in to the squeeze bottle and go to town.

Tip: Do one color at a time so the candy melts do not solidify while you switch between colors.
I only had butter flavored shortening so I used coconut oil instead to mix with the white candy melts {I wanted the white to stay as white as possible} and it worked just as well.

Take the pink and trace the inside of the bunny ears. By the time you get the white candy melts ready the pink will be set up enough so you can start tracing the outside of the ears.

Note: This is my first time doing free hand cupcake toppers and my first time getting the candy melts to melt successfully. Win ~ Win!! You can tell I am not a professional but I am pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Tip: Make sure the second color over laps the first just enough to make good contact. This way when you lift them off the wax paper they won't fall apart.
If doing a silhouette {ie, the white part and leaving the inside empty} I would suggest making sure to use a nice thick line {nothing to extreme}, enough so that the ears do not snap in half when you remove them from the wax paper.

Now set up the station and get busy.
Eyes: Chocolate Chips
Ears: You just made them you connoisseur of confections
Mouth {whiskers}: Coconut Shavings
& Nose: Pink Sixlets
The Reece's Pieces Eggs are for me to snake on while busy at work!

And there you have it! You are now a professional at getting Candy Melts to melt perfectly every time and you have some fun Bunny Cupcakes to share with family and friends.

Um...I finished these pretty late last night, all I had was my kitchen lighting so these last photos are a bit yellow. Please don't hold that against me. Trying to put these together during the day with a curious and busy toddler would have been nuts.

Here is an idea of how many we made. After all the taste testing and little fingers grabbing the bunny ears, we ended up donating 40 to the community Easter Egg Hunt this morning. Can you see on some of the ears I had enough white left over to place a line down the center and help to separate the ears into two? There was not enough white to do all of them but either way works for me.

I saved three for us and so I could get some better photos of them in the day light. Not going to lie, I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. It also helps when others complement you on your work.

Can you tell I am loving my spring and Easter decor too. Some friends brought me the flowers yesterday and I still love my plate, so they made it in the photo shoot.

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