Some Bunny Loves You ~ Easter Thank Yous

It has been some time since I last posted. While I have still been working on projects it is blogging about them and sharing with all of you that has suffered. I am telling you, this little girl needs to get here quick, these last few weeks have not been enjoyable at all....and I would really like to get back to sleeping in my bed instead of the recliner.

That is enough about that ~ onto the fun Easter Projects I have been working on.

This one is a little 'Thank  You' for Lady A's nursery teachers. They have been so great! She loves showing us her pictures and getting us to sing the songs she has learned, I think it is because she mostly likes the hand actions that go along with them. Her teachers were also very patient with her as we went through potty training. I would not say she was difficult but she did have one or two accidents and it was hard to get her to sit up on those monster sized toilets at the church.

These were super cheap to make and even if you made more of them, say for the moms in a reading group, they would still be very reasonable.

Glass Jars $1 at Target
Two PDF downloads from here
Hot glue
Buttons from my stash {optional}
Pom-Pom {two sizes} from my stash
Jelly Beans {$2}

I found the easiest way to clean the labels of of these jars is to let them soak in hot water. Give it about ten minutes then the label will just rub right off. Make sure they have time to dry before placing the candy inside and assembling the bunnies.

Cut out the ears and tag {I used an EKSuccess punch to give a little style to the tag}. If you have a scrap piece of white felt on hand you could also use the print out as a pattern and cut the ears out of the felt to make them soft and fuzzy. I tried having Lady A color some pink inside the ears but that turned in to a disaster so we just went with white.

Hot glue the small pom-pom to the front neck of the jar for the nose and the large on to the bottom back for the tail. Hot glue the eyes above the nose on the neck of the jar {optional}.

If you do paper ears, fill the jar with treats first, then hold the base of the ears down into the jar a bit and place the cork. This will keep the ears in place and won't require any gluing. 

Now take some ribbon or twine and tie the 'Some Bunny Loves You' tag around the jar. 

TaDa!!! Cute and simple. 

I like to reuse cute little jars like this and so that is why I choose to use hot glue. If the ladies wanted to they could easily remove the pom-poms and eyes and save the jar. 

If you leave the bunnies out you might come to find that the jelly beans will start to disappear so be sure to stash them away until it's time to give them away.

I did one with eyes and one without so you could see how they both look. Myself, I think I like without.

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