Fan Pumpkin Garland

Here is a simple and cute garland that can be made in 30 minutes.

My daughters thought they looked great hanging across our walkway arch and I am excited to share them with you.

This is one craft that you can do with the kids, it will probably be easiest if you do the prep work first, then have the kiddos join you.

Construction Paper {cardstock or patterned paper}
Pipe Cleaners {orange and green}

NOTE: I did green paper and pipe cleaners so I could try them both out and see which one I liked better for the stem.

Wire snips
Tiny hole punch {I used a Provo Craft Silent Setter that has 3 sizes of punches}
Paper cutter

Cut the paper into strips. I did 6"x1/2" and 8"x3/4".

Roll the green paper around a pen or pencil. Find a way to secure it. This will add a spiral to the stem.

Cut the pipe cleaners. I cut a few different lengths so I could test them out and see which one I liked.

Punch a hole at either end of the orange strips and one end of the green srips.

TIP: To do larger pumpkins I would suggest using a thicker paper, like cardstock. The paper strips started to get saggy the longer the pumpkin was hanging on the garland.

TIP: If you have little kids who want to help, I would suggest getting all the prep and cutting done first, then have them join you. wink, wink.

Grab eight {8} small orange strips or 12 larger orange strips, line up the ends and feed either end of the pipe cleaner through the holes on either ends of the paper strips.

Put a little roll and fold in the bottom of the pipe cleaner {it will keep the paper strips from coming off}. Add the green spiral piece of paper of paper to the top then roll and fold the top of the pipe cleaner.

Now fan out the paper strips to create a full circle.

To hang them on the twine garland take the top of pipe cleaner that has been folded over and hook it onto the twine.

TaDa!!!! Done and Done.

Hang them as garland or us them on a shelf as a display.

Share your fan pumpkin with me on Instagram. Be sure to tag me in your post and add #FanPumpkin

I tried doing a pumpkin with double the amount of strips and I did not like it as much for this project. You can use the picture above to see what they looked like.

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