Creating A New Me

Here we are at the beginning of another year. My daughter is now 14 months old and I have not met my goal to keep the weight off, instead I have been very successful at putting all the weight back on. With the beginning of a new year I want to 'create' a new me. I want to get back down to a comfortable size for me,  there is a number that I would like to get to but we'll see, I just want to be comfortable in my own skin.

With putting this out there for all of you to see I am hoping that I will have friends to help keep me accountable and on track. If any of you would like to join me I would love to have company.

The new me is going to need a new routine. A new diet along with exercise and other life style changes will be the focus. I need something that will work with me and what is going on with my life. This means that there won't be any extreme changes but things that I can stick with and continue to use. I'm sure there will also be a lot of trial, things that work and those things that won't but the goal is to find what will work for me.

I think I'll start with my eating habits first. Abigail has a really good diet but that is because I am in charge of it, now I just need to be as good with my own eating habits. Bigger meals for breakfast and lunch to give me more energy during the day and smaller servings for dinner, evening is the least active part of the day for me so there is no need for huge portions.

If you have any suggestions on things that have worked for you, please share. I would love to know what worked for you and try it for myself.

A friend suggested two aps for me that would help keep track of the calories for what/how much I eat. These two also keep track of calories burned as well. I have used both and find them addicting once a part of my everyday routine.

On your smart phone or tablet check out MyFitnessPal and Lose It!

What are some of your New Years goals? Can we work on them together?

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