Mega Bloks Box into a Tote

While we were out in Pennsylvania visiting family for Thanksgiving Abigail was introduced to Lego's, she loved them! Her first tantrum we ever experienced was one night when we took the Lego's away to get ready for bed. We were all thrown for a loop, this was not a regular thing for Abigail, we couldn't help but just sit and watch.

Since she seemed to have such a love for them and they are the perfect size for her little hands, she got some for Christmas. Lately she has also been trying to stack items, put lids on stuff and put anything that fits - into something else. This little bucket of Mega Bloks does it all: building blocks, lid, room to put more stuff in.

To help keep the lid with the bucket I came up with a way to attach it.

Now, I'm sure I could have just taken a photo of the finished project and you could have figured out exactly what I did.....but I got a new camera for Christmas and so I have step by step photos. Tee~hee~hee.

The Mega Bloks bucket has holes on both sides where the zip ties were placed to keep it closed at the store.

I used 16" {inches} of 1/4" ribbon and a couple of random beads.

String the bead onto the middle of the ribbon. Fold the ribbon and put the two ends together then lace through the hole in the lid and the bucket from top to bottom.

Once the ribbon is laced put the lid in place so that there will be as much slack as possible. I singed the ends of the ribbon but you can use some type of fray glue. Then tie a knot with the ends of the ribbon.

The beads on the ribbon help keep the ribbon from just slipping all the way through the holes and keep it all attached.
Boom!! Now the lid will stay with the bucket and she has a handle to drag it all over, bang it into walls and ram the corners.

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