Pipe Cleaner Toy

I love when the stuff that  i am going to buy already comes in containers that I can reuse. When we are done reusing it, into the garbage it goes. This is great because I am one of those that has a hard time paying for containers that don't last or that I know will be destroyed but little hands.

Today's reused packaging comes from ... the fridge! Originally I was going to do this project with a large juice jug and drill some holes in the lid but we finished off the Parmesan cheese first, and the lid works better too.

This little toy will be used to help with fine motor skills by placing the pipe cleaners into the holes of the lid. It can also help with counting and colors once she is old enough and talking!

Items needed:
Cleaned out jar
Pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Wire cutters

Place a little bit of glue in the groove and place one end of the pipe cleaner there.

Once that is set, wrap the pipe cleaner around the jar nice and tight. Put a bend in the pipe cleaner where it matches up with the beginning, this will 'mark' where you will cut the pipe cleaner.

Place another drop of glue and fasten the end. Be sure to pull it nice and snug. Repeat, and place pipe cleaners in all the grooves of the jar. Since the pipe cleaners are placed in the grooves you don't need to glue around the whole jar.

Cut a bunch of pipe cleaners in half so they can be placed inside.

Yea!! She likes it.

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