Creating a New Me ~ Supplements

This past month I have been doing better with my portions, it was a challenge to really stick with it..... 

My main problem is that I am busy during the day and don't usually take the time to eat a large breakfast so in the evening I am starving and that is when I usually eat my largest meal {at the end of the day when I am my least active.}

What's the text step? I have been thinking my next step will be finding supplements to help me. About 3 1/2 years ago I had an incident that required me to take iron and other supplements. Lately I have been feeling a bit sluggish, the same as then, so I'll go back on the iron pills. I know that there are other supplements I can be taking that will help me to increase my metabolism and help with my everyday health and wellness. If you have any suggestions on what to take, leave me a note, I would love to look into and see if it is right for me.

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