Iron-On Mission Shirt

My mother-in-law wanted to make a shirt for my niece to wear when we go and pick my sister-in-law up from the airport. She has been in Uruguay for the last 18 months on a church service mission. A picture was picked out and then the fun started.

The directions can very a bit depending on what brand of iron-on you use but here are the steps we took:
1. The article of clothing needs to be pre-washed. Don't use bleach or fabric softener.
2. import the desired photo/image into Word and size accordingly. Then flip the image so it looks like you would be reading it in a mirror. This is important if there is text in the image because if you don't the image will end up mirrored when ironed-on.
3. Follow directions for specific type of iron-on.
4. Believe it or not the little star studs are iron-on as well. We just placed them where we wanted them then followed the directions on the package. I did not have too much faith in them until I went to pill off the little bit of the package that was left on them to help hold the stars in place while I ironed them on ~ the stars did not even budge.

I think the shirt turned out so cute and can not wait to see my niece wearing it.

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