Quilt in a day

Over the weekend I talked to my mother-in-law and asked if she wanted to have a quilt made for my sister-in-law when she got home from her mission in Uruguay. She thought it would be a fun idea so on Saturday we went and got the flat quarters to make the quilt Turning 20. Maybe I was being a bit ambitious of me but I was able to sew the quilt top and later in the day we went over to my in-laws and we tied the quilt. Here is my quilt-in-a-day!! I love the colors and how it turned out. My mom said that she was amazed at how we ~ her kids ~ could just take on a project and go at it to get it until we get it done. Well, you are the one that taught us. We would go to bed on a Saturday night and on Easter morning, she would have two new dresses sewn for me and my sister. She is the one who taught me to work until it is done.
~ Love you mom!!!

Because I can't afford to take the quilts in and have them machine quilted I do it my self. On the quilt I made for Paul a couple of years back, instead of tying it, I stitched by hand using a bigger stitch length. I love how it turned out. That is why I stitched both of these as well.

This is a quilt I have made for a friend of mine but have never gotten around to binding it. Now that I have two to do maybe that will help motivate me to get them done. The pattern for this one is Yellow Brick Road.


  1. Thanks! I was just doing it for myself but finally decided to share.



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