1776 ~ 18th Century Colonial Furniture

My husband had a class project for a set design class where he needed to design a set for the play 1776. The musical is about the events leading to the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence in Pennsylvania, in 1776.

Because he needed to design a set where a lot of the show would take place inside the Independence Hall he would need to have enough 18th century colonial tables and chairs to fill the hall. While I was working on my Tiny House project as a Sophomore, instead of cutting my model out of foam core it was suggested to me to have my model laser cut. I figured out the pieces of my house like a puzzle and was able to build my house in one day. I heard that others spent days building theirs and am so grateful that I was able to get mine laser cut.

I was able to find paper model furniture online so I thought we could just do it ourselves. I suggested the same thing to my husband for building all the furniture he needed. After talking to the couple who did my laser cutting they said they would be happy to try it on card stock, they hadn't tried using the laser on material so thin.

This way we could be able to get exactly what he needed and not have to pay for a bunch of sheets from online where we were only getting six chairs per sheet and they still didn't have the table he would need. Then I designed the table tops and bases and was able to figure out the chairs. The furniture was cut to quarter inch scale. I think they turned out really great. The professors and other students were really impressed with them as well.

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