Birthday Score

I still love when my birthday comes around, even if I don't share my age, because it is MY day!! It's the day I joined my family, came into the world and the day that would lead to me having my own family.

This past week was Coupon Commotion at Joann's Crafts and Fabric and with today being my birthday, I splurged. Growing up my mom had the coolest pair of scissors. How do I know they were that great, because we were NOT allowed to touch them. They were my moms' and just for fabric. They had this case they slid into like a sword into a sheath. Well, I finally got my own Gingher shears.

Look at how nice and shinny they are. The case will be good in case they get left down so Lady A won't be able to get them open and play with them. They have a perfect weight in my hand. The bent handle makes them ideal for cutting on a surface like a table. The BEST part is the blade, OH the blade! Thread sees this blade coming and it melts away, they cut through the jeans {project forth coming} like a knife through butter.

I have arrived!

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