Fit Friday ~ Day 26

OOPS!!! It looks like I forgot to actually post this yesterday so here is my Fit Friday....on Saturday.

While doing the workouts from BikiniBodyMommy, that I absolutely love, some old injuries started to flare up so I have had to tone down the intense {even if they are short} workouts. Kind of bummed about that!! But the weather outside is finally starting to feel like spring outside so we have been able to go out and do more.

Lady A and I love to go on walks and we even have a pass to our local swimming pool so that is a great way to get some exercise in. She loves getting in the water and splashing around. This week we showed her that if she kicks with her legs she can get an even bigger splash. YEP!! She thought that was fantastic. One thing Lady A likes to do is dip her face in the water, not her whole face, just her chin and the tip of her nose, then she lounges up with a super surprised look, like she is thinking "What just happened to me."

It is great being able to get out and see my little girl enjoy the warm weather, especially now that she is a bit older and likes doing all sorts of outdoor activities.

To change the subject a bit we went to an Easter Egg hunt today, Lady A's first, and had a blast. At first she had no idea why everyone was running around and so excited to pick up the eggs. I had to get down and pick up the first one for her, after that, there was no stopping her. Once her little bag was full she grabbed some more and wrapped her hands around them to able to bring them with her. Then we went in to claim our prize. Yea!!! A bucket and shovel, with two small stuffed animals and bag of candy. We will be there next year for sure.

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