Fit Friday ~ Day 12

I have a confession to make ... This was not my best week.

It seems like we were running around a lot more this week than normal, coupled with staying up late to spend time with my husband when he gets home from work and school, I have had not energy.

I'm sure you noticed that the 'Day' count is off. There are two reasons for that, I fell behind and for me it would be best if my 'rest' days were on Sunday. To help me get back on track I am going to go to bed earlier and wake up before my little girl gets up and exercise in the morning. This will help wake me up and get the blood flowing for the day. With my cardio days it is hard to get out to the gym and we can't seem to get away from the snow, but hopefully, spring will be here any time. Going for walks/runs would be great for Lady A and I to get out and do together. Ah!! So excited for spring.

If you are interested in what exercise program I am following, just click here. I love the workout that are set up. They can be done from home and are a great length, short enough to keep me interested but long enough to get me sore. Love it!

Water. Water. Water. I need to do better at getting my full amount in for the day. I know that will help a lot with loosing the weight and helping myself feel better all around.

Ok, I am recommitting to this exercise routine today.

How are you doing on your goal? Have you fallen off the wagon? Well, hope right back up there with me, lets do this together.


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