Spring Break 2013

For Spring Break Paul had to be back for work by Wednesday morning so if we were going to get out and do something, it was going to be short and we sweet. As it happens, we had the opportunity to go spend some time at a condo in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

We decided to take advantage of this and head down. The internet said our drive was supposed to be just over 11 hours but it didn't take into account our toddler we would be bringing with us. Our drive ended up taking around 15 hours. Lady A didn't want to sleep in the car and only slept for a total of about 2 hours. We left around 3:30 in the morning and once she woke up.....there was no going back to sleep.

We pulled up to the condo just before sunset and the temperature was so lovely. It was wonderful to get out of the car knowing we weren't going to get back in and drive more. Weather on Sunday was not so great, it was overcast and there were winds about 14-18 mph all day. We took one quick walk to the beach to show Lady A but couldn't stay too long, it was just too cold. We spent our day in the condo watching movies and trying to get Lady A to come in from the balcony ~ she loved it out there even though she was so cold.

Start off the morning with a little Harry Potter.

 Enjoying the balcony and ocean air.

This is what Heaven will look like to Paul.

Monday was better to get out so we went to the Wright Brother National Memorial and Museum. There was a lot of neat things to see there and think their first flight was in 1903, 66 years later we were on the moon and look at how far things have come in 100 years since they started.

 Look at those cute footprints. Daddy walking hand in hand with Lady A.
I love my little family.

We will most definitely be back down to OBX. Next time hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer so we can all get our feet in the water.

Whenever we travel we like to get a deck of cards and or a book about the area. This time we even got a book for Lady A to help her start he collection. We got Pirates, Ghosts, and Coastal Lore: the best of Judge Whedbee by Charles Harry Whedbee and First Flight: the Story of the Wright Brothers. Check out my review here. I couldn't find the same book we got but some of the stories come from these two books {he has written a total of 5}.


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