Fit Friday ~ Infused Water

Have you been able to increase the amount of water you drink? I was doing really well but lately it is getting hard. If water wasn't so plan it would be a lot easier to increase the amount I am drinking every day, I need something that will help to keep my taste buds awake.

This past week I have started doing infused waters. So my water has a bit of flavor added to it but I don't have to use sugar or a little flavor pouch. All the juices, minerals and vitamins from the fruits and veggies go right into my water.

Cut up your fruits, veggies and herbs. Make sure that the bottles are not completely full to allow for the fruits, veggies and herbs to be placed inside. If using a bottle with a small opening be sure to cut your items small enough. I also like to use the ends of the lemon, lime or other fruits to squeeze a little extra juice into the bottle.

I found a couple of good sites that lists some of the nutrition facts of over a 100 fruits and veggies. Try here or here. Here is also a great and simple list to quickly look up the benefits of different fruits and veggies by Dr. Lisa Young. There are benefits from helping to recover from a cold, skin health, weight loss, detox and many other benefits.

Here are a couple of the recipes I have used over this past week that I have really enjoyed. This site is also great for infused water recipes and benefits and there's an app too.
Lemon, Lime & Oranges
Strawberries, Pineapple and a Single Slice of Lime
Raspberries and Blueberries
Lemon, Lime & Cucumber

A couple of notes:
You need to drink the water within 48 hours, don't let them sit forever.
The bottles with fruit can be used twice. I usually refill them, then place them in the fridge to chill the water.
Cucumbers have a very strong presence when left in the water to over night, I decided one or two slices is enough flavor for my drinks.

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