Adding Grip to Socks

For Easter, one of the gifts Lady A got in her package from Grandma was a pack of socks. YEA!!

I know, it's not the most glamorous thing but they are needed. She isn't even 18 months old but she is in 2T+ for cloths and socks are no exception. But at this size/age, it is not the norm for socks to have the non-slip grip on them, you have to search them out and they cost a bit more. My little darling is not coordinated enough just yet to be on slippery surfaces without some help. She doesn't walk anywhere, it's always running, stopping is falling or running into the wall.

While I was looking for something to go with a separate project I am working on I came across some fabric puff paint, this stuff is actually called fabric writers. {Light Bulb} To help Lady A stay up on her feet I decided to add the non-slip grip myself. All you need are the socks and the puff paint.

When adding the puff paint to socks there are a couple of things to be careful of. For instance, no one likes it when there is a pebble in their shoe {or sock} so make sure not to create huge bumps on the bottoms by adding too much puff paint, but if you don't add enough it won't do any good. I would recommend using the puff paint on a scrap piece of fabric first so you can get a feel for how it works. Put the socks on their sides and add two strips to each side, the puff paint can go through the material if it is pressed in too hard so try to keep your hand steady and not push down when adding the puff paint. As the puff paint dries the 'puff' of it might go down some, this just depends on the type you will use, feel free to go back and add a little more.

Viola! Now she has a whole pack of non-slip socks. Life is good.

We spent last weekend testing them out and they worked great!

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